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Substantially extend your view with a unique Raman imaging system. RAMANview provides you a whole new dimension for easy to use operation and ultra-fast screening!

A new dimension in Raman Imaging

“Ultra-wide field-of-view”, “Extended depth of focus”, “High spatial resolution”, “Ultra-long working distance”.
These 4 values inside the minimum body enable diverse Raman spectroscopic analysis.

More than 800 mm2 is analyzed without moving the sample.

RAMANview has a dedicated optical system, which substantially expand the field-of-view. Even large samples - bigger than 800 mm2 - can be analyzed without moving the sample. Just select with the mouse of your computer the area of interest and the ultra-fast laser scanning system will do the requested analysis. Regular mapping systems take a long time; have the risk of moving the sample out of area or ? working with solutions ? even slopping it. RAMANview saves your time and provides a secure analysis of any area of interest.

Example of field size of wide-field Raman imaging

Left: The sample (diamond file) and measurement area
Right: Wide-field Raman image

Comparison of the field-of-view


Be free from time-consuming focus corrections by extended focal depth

The dedicated optical system of RAMANview provides an extended depth of focus of up to about 1.4 mm (with the 0.5x objective) for samples even with a height difference of 1 or 2 mm without annoying and misty out of focus areas. This unique depth of focus enables easy-of-use sampling without sectioning or cutting the sample.

Raman imaging of side surface of a tablet

Acetaminophen   Ethenzamide   Anhydrous caffeine

The relationship between magnification of objective lens and depth of focus

*Parameters are not specifications. They are indications of typical performance and will vary with each unit we manufacture.

Tiny, micro scale components will be detected with RAMANview

The dedicated optical system creates a high precision spot size, which facilitates a spatial resolution of up to 2.5 μm (see right figure) with the 2x objective lens. RAMANview also stands for very fast Raman imaging in a micro scale range.

Spatial resolution assessment of RAMANview

Left: Raman image of Φ1μm diamond bead
Right: Peak intensity profile

Comparison of spatial resolution between RAMANview and RAMANtouch (SiC crystal polymorphs)

4H-SiC 6H-SiC

Ultra-long working distance extends the measurement scene.

RAMANview has a working distance of more than 70 mm (with the 0.5x objective). It offers an easy-to-use sampling (safe distance between lens and sample) and allows measurements even in deep containers, vessels or in extensive sampling systems. Even measurements through windows or transparent films etc. are not an issue. RAMANview gives you the space you need for your sampling!

Measurement of a sample in a H 45mm vial

Left: By RAMANview.
Right: By conventional Raman microscope.

The relationship between magnification of objective lens and working distance

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