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Nanophoton is the pioneer of confocal laser scanning microscopy and spectroscopic analysis. To celebrate, we relaunch our fastest and highest resolution confocal Raman microscope RAMANforce. With a newly designed spectrograph and the latest optical technologies, RAMANforce’s spatial resolution and sensitivity have been highly improved, making it the optimal solution for all applications.

The highest resolution at every objectives

The perfect resolution

RAMANforce has finally accomplished perfect resolution.
Resolution at 20x and lower objectives has been improved to be optimal
using a newly designed spectrograph without aberration,
while maintaining highest resolution with the 100x objective.

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Even faster ultra-fast Raman imaging

Faster than the fastest

Nanophoton pioneered the world’s first ultra-fast Raman imaging
with our original line illumination and laser beam scanning.
Now, all parts have been updated using the most recent optical technology,
which allows 1.93 times more sensitive Raman measurements.

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Newly designed robust body structure decreases stage drift

No more stage drift

Stage drift during measurement can create a blurred Raman image,
rendering a high spatial resolution objective useless.
RAMANforce has a newly designed robust structure inside its body,
which always keeps the laser spot in the focal plane during imaging.

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Powerful software meets ever-changing needs for analysis

Intuitive, useful and powerful

RAMANforce software has all necessary measurement and analytical functions
from frequently-used preprocessing to dedicated quantitative analysis methods.
Our graphical-user-interface is designed to be easy and satisfactory to use,
while everyone will be able to start basic operations without hesitation.

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