Field Emission SEM ( FE-SEM)
Ultra-high Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope Regulus Series

As a new brand of FE-SEMs, the Regulus series lineup comprises four models: the Regulus8100, Regulus8220, Regulus8230, and Regulus8240, all of which extend the functions of the SU8200 series with the use of a common platform.

With optimized electron optical systems, the new Regulus series features resolution down to 0.9 nm in the Regulus8220/8230/8240 models and 1.1 nm in the Regulus8100 model-an improvement of roughly 20% in resolution at 1 kV landing voltage compared with previous models.

The Regulus series employs a novel cold-field-emission (CFE) gun optimized for high-resolution imaging at low accelerating voltages. This CFE gun makes it possible to magnify high-resolution images up to 2 million times,*1 compared with 1 million times in previous models.

User-support functions have also been enhanced so that the advanced performance of the series can be fully leveraged, including functions to assist the operation of the signal detection system for analyzing diverse types of materials, as well as device-maintenance functions.

*1 Only in Regulus8220/8230/8240

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SU9000 Extra-High-Resolution SEM/Duo-STEM

The Cold Field Emission source is ideal for high-resolution imaging with a small source size and energy spread. Innovative CFE Gun technology contributes the ultimate FE-SEM with superior beam brightness and stability, affording high-resolution imaging and high-quality elemental analysis. Unique object lens design has a capability of EELS and diffraction as well.

SU5000 Schottky FE-SEM

Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) are used for observation and analysis in various fields. Since Field Emission SEM (FE-SEM) equipped with a field emission electron gun source provide higher resolution than those equipped with a thermionic emission electron gun source, the user base for FE-SEM has broadened significantly due to the need to observe specimen features continually decreasing in size. FE-SEMs are increasingly recognized as a tool for performing various surface analyses, however detection technologies for various signals generated from specimens have advanced beyond topographic observation alone. Typically the operator must utilize previous knowledge, training, and skill in microscopy to generate desirable results; therefore, optimal performance may vary based on experience level.

SU70 Ultra-High-Resolution Analytical FE-SEM

Analytical FE-SEM combines the field-proven stability, high current, and brightness with ultra-high resolution required for a multitude of analytical applications. The Duo-objective Lens designed with a semi-in-lens optics provides capabilities for a wide range of applications that require high-resolution image observation and analysis. The SU-70 offers a industry-leading technology, quality, and reliability.