Sample Preparation product
Hitachi Ion Sputter Coater MC1000

Quorum Q150R Series Rotary Pumped Coaters

Q150R S

Rotary pumped sputtercoater, suitable for coating specimens with non-oxidising (noble)

metals, such as gold,silver, platinum and palladium.

Q150R E

Rotary pumped carboncoater, which uses carbon fibre or carbon cord to coat SEM specimens.

Q150R ES

Combines capabilities ofboth the Q150R S and Q150R E in one space-saving platform.

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IM4000Plus Series Ion-Milling Systems

The latest generation of broad ion beam milling systems with improved milling speed. The IM4000Plus Ion Milling System utilizes a broad, low-energy Ar+ ion beam milling method to produce wider, undistorted cross-section milling or flat milling, without applying mechanical stress to the sample.

Cut-off machine CUTLAM 4.0

High-capacity automatic cutting machine

The CUTLAM? 4.0 is designed especially for manufacturing companies with high standards who are looking for high-quality and reliable equipment for heavy-duty use with great cutting capacity.

The CUTLAM? 4.0 is a pedestal-mounted single-block machine with an integrated recirculation / decanter tank. The wheel?s vertical descent can be controlled automatically (oleo pneumatic) or manually using the joystick. The maximum cutting descent is 240 mm.

Adapted for intensive use on heavy components, the CUTLAM? 4.0 is fitted with a powerful 5.5 kW motor. The wheel?s speed is adjustable from 1000 to 4000 rpm, the feed speed is also adjustable. 2 cutting modes are available: sequential automatic with adjustable frequency or continuous.

An end of cycle sensor shuts off the machine and automatically raises the wheel after each operation.

The controls are easy to use and intuitive: they are centralized on the 5.7? arm-mounted touch-screen.

The wide cast-iron clamp bench has 6 T-longitudinal grooves and 5 transversal grooves, and as an optional extra may be made mobile along the X and Z axes.

The hood opening clears 3 sides, guaranteeing easy loading of heavy or bulky parts. Removable gates to the left and right enable you to cut long bars.

The multi-point hose over the wheel and part ensures optimum cooling for high-quality cuts and consistent results.

In the standard configuration, the work area is illuminated by an adjustable spotlight, and an external shower head is provided for cleaning the cutting area.

In order to optimize your equipment according to your needs, a variety of accessories and optional extras are available.

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CUTLAM micro2.0

The CUTLAM? micro 2.0 is a compact laboratorymicro-cutting machine intended for precision cutson the most sensitive materials. The speed rangeand the cutting chamber capacity make this machineincredibly versatile. You can use it for a widerange of applications with a great variety of cutoffwheels (diamond, Al2O3?) up to a diameterof 200 mm.

Mounting press PRESSLAM 2.0

Easy-to-use, productive, automatic hot mounting press

The PRESSLAM? 2.0 is a multi-purpose, easy-to-use, automatic hot mounting press that will allow you to achieve high production levels.

All parameters are accessible via a 5.7? colour touch screen. The graphic interface guides you intuitively through the different settings, which you can then store and reuse at will. It is also possible to import/export
predefined hot mounting parameters via the machine?s USB port.

All phases are visible on the screen during the hot mounting cycle and can be modified at any time.
Each function can be adjusted separately and 4 pressurisation modes are available along with a function
reducing the amount of water used for cooling.
As soon as the PRESSLAM? 2.0 is switched on, it runs a preheating cycle that is cleared after 6 minutes without user intervention. The 20 to 200?C temperature
range makes it possible to use all resins available on the market.

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Pressurized mounting device M.M.806

M.M.806 to improve the performances of cold mounting resins.

Thanks to its pneumatic system, the device allows preventing any formation of bubbles and pores without changing the physical and chemical properties of the resins. The device releases a pressure of 2.0 bars adapted to the specific properties of rapid polymerization resins. Reliable and easy to use, M.M.806 is equipped with a safety valve which prevents overpressurization. The device is compact with a resin body and a steel container.

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Polymerization lamp M.M.807

M.M.807, the blue light polymerization device allows accelerating the polymerization of the mounting resin 601.2.
Polymerization in 20 min.

Polishing machine SMARTLAM 2.0

The most versatile polishing machine

The SMARTLAM?2.0 is a compact, single-plate polishing machine that gives you a wide range of possibilities both in manual and semi-automatic polishing. 
Ergonomic and easy-to-use, the SMARTLAM?2.0 is entirely controlled by a colour touch screen equipped with an intuitive interface. The internal memory can store 9 programs that can be exported via the USB port.
The power of the bidirectional rotation, variable-speed, constant-torque motor and the possibility to use plates with a diameter from 200 to 300 mm are exclusive assets that will allow you to face up to all situations encountered in metallographic research polishing.

Polishing machine MASTERLAM 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and 1.1

Automatic polishing machine with central pressure, oscillating head* and stock removal control*.

Automatic, single-plate ? 250 to 300 mm polishing machine with bidirectional rotation and variable speed. Touch screen controls, intuitive and user-friendly interface. MASTERLAM? machines are equipped with the best programming, parameter storage and export technologies. Control of the 4-circuit DISTRILAM?* dosing system directly integrated.

The MASTERLAM? 1.0 is equipped with a powerful central-pressure head, bidirectional rotation, variable speed and pressure. The distinctive feature of this polishing head is the oscillation function* with oscillation configurable both for amplitude and frequency.
Use of the oscillating head will allow you to achieve unrivalled levels of performance and versatility: the quality of flatness results is improved, stock removal is increased, the service life of polishing supports is increased (uniform wear due to use of the entire surface of the plate).

The MASTERLAM? 1.0, with the oscillation* option, is particularly efficient for polishing large-sized samples and for finishing and appearance polishing of mechanical prototypes or micro-series components.
A stock removal control system with an automatic ?stop at measurement? function is also available (accurate to 0.05 mm).

*equipment available as an option

Les diff?rentes t?tes de la polisseuse

Central Pressure  head
individual Pressure  head

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Combo Pressure  head

Vices and clamping tools

CUTLAM? Micro 


60 CTM03 50

Multi-screw sample holder for irregular partsXX    
60 CTM03 30screw V-shape sample holder: max ? 12 mmXX    

60 CTM03 20

screw V-shape sample holder: max ? 24 mmXX    

60 CTM03 40

screw double V-shape sample holder : max ? 12 mmXX    

60 CTM03 10

screw cylindrical sample holder: ? 12 mm to 50 mmXX    

60 CT200 20

Double vice with fast tightening system
(left and right side of the Wheel)
2 x 2 elements vice, without sole, to obtain maximal lenght clamping.
Jaw width 80 mm
Jaw height 45 mm
T-slot 12 mm screw included
Lever left and right





Ref : 60 CT200 40

Double vice with screw tightening system (left and right side of the Wheel)
2 x 2 elements vice, without sole, to obtain maximal lenght clamping.
Jaw width 80 mm
Jaw height 45 mm
T-slot 12 mm screw included





Ref : 60 08128220

Universal clamping KOPAL 61




60 CT400 20double vice with fast tightening system
(left and right side of the wheel)
2 x 2 elements vice, without sole, to obtain maximal lenght
Jaw width 80 mm - Jaw height 70 mm
T-slot 12 mm screw included

High performance cut-off wheels

These wheels were elaborated according to a well-defined specification (high quality abrasive and binder), which allows attaining high cutting performances. Usable on all cut-off machines available on the market, these cut-off wheels allow attaining such a quality level that downstream polishing operations will be shortened. Especially designed for production cutting or large dimensional cutting, they will reduce your operating costs. The constancy of the obtained results is guaranteed by a rigorous and controlled manufacturing process.

Precision cut-off wheels

Combine performance and versatility

Elaborated according to a very rigorous specification, These cut-off wheels offer the user a precision cutting thanks to the characteristics of its binder and the quality of its abrasives.

Usable on all cut-off machines, these wheels give a cut-off quality which allows reducing the duration of the downstream operations. Their low wear significantly reduces cost prices.

LAM PLAN precision cut-off wheels are available in 4 versions according to their hardness and the abrasive used in their composition : WHITE wheels (SiC), RED wheels (Al2O3),
BLUE wheels (Al2O3), and BLACK wheels (diamond).

The visual colour code facilitates memory.

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Adaptor rings


? mm



Adaptor ring for inner diameter

25,4 / 12,7


60 00370 90

25,4 / 22


60 00372 90

32 / 25,4


60 00374 90 

Adaptor ring for inner diameter

25,4 / 12,7


60 00369 90

25,4 / 22


60 00371 90

32 / 25,41


60 00373 90

Cutting Fluid 721

Reduce heating.

Cutting Fluid Series 721





Recyclable concentrated fluid:
eliminates heating


5 litres

07 50721 50

Hot mounting resins

To respond to all metallographic control and research situations, LAM PLAN developed and tested a range of hot mounting resins which allow obtaining perfectly adapted mountings regardless of the undertaken study. Each mounting resin is characterized by very specific physical and chemical qualities.

Cold mounting resins

Mainly intended for the metallography research sector, the LAM PLAN range of cold mounting resins offers many technical and economic advantages. The cold mounting resins are the solution for samples which do not withstand too high a pressure or temperature. In addition, they allow responding in a simple and efficient way to timely needs by circumventing the investment of a hot mounting press. You can precisely adjust the mounting volumes or the shape of the moulds simultaneously for a large quantity of samples.

Accessories for embedding

Blade holder
For the vertical positioning of thin parts, for use with cold mounting resin.


Holding clips

Plastic clips and type 3 clips for use with cold mounting resin.
Clip type 5 for use with hot mounting resin. 

Clips Type 3



Flexible rectangular cold mounting moulds

Specifically for cold mounting resin, adapted to complex and non standard shapes, many dimensions available, made of a flexible material to facilitate mould removal.

 Flexible cylindrical cold mounting moulds

Available in all standard diameters for central and individual pressure sample holders, made of a flexible material to facilitate mould removal.

Moulds with removal bottom

Mainly used for the transparent mounting resins (601.2, 609, RESINA CRISTAL).

Universal sample-holder mould 
Series 610

The LAM PLAN universal sample-holder is a smart and economical system which combines the functions of both mould and sample-holder for cold mounting processes using any kind of liquid resin.







Cups and spatulas

Carton cups and wooden spatulas to mix cold mounting resins.

Micro engraver M.M.886

To mark and identify samples. 

Charge element for resin - Voluma Spheres

The Voluma spheres are ceramic balls used as a sole or base. They allow increasing the hardness of the mounting resins and decrease their shrinkage in order to reduce fallen edge effects. They are adapted to all types of hot or cold mounting resins ; available in various colours to personalize samples.





Quantities in cm3


3-colour kit

3 bottles of 250

06 007SV 00



06 007SV 20



06 007SV 30



06 007SV 10


Mould removal agent





Silicone spray

400 ml06 00692 00

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