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Environmental Products

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Water is everywhereand is an integral part of the world around us. From stream to rivers,and lakes to oceans, mercury is monitored to not only check for patterns ofdistribution, but to monitor irregularities that could lead to potentialharmful situations. Nippon Instruments has a wide array of analyzers formonitoring drinking water, waste water, and even water for environmentalresearch.

Atmospheric air
Mercury occurs naturally in the atmosphere, but recent studies have shown an increase in anthropogenic mercury due to industrial activities. Due to the potential risks of mercury, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has decided to introduce an emissions trading system targeting mercury contained in exhaust gases from coal fired power plants and other industrial manufacturers. Mercury contained in exhaust gas has always been measured with the solution absorption method, but currently the continuous-measurement instrument is being highly regarded and is being implemented. The concentration of mercury in general environmental air is relatively low, therefore a highly sensitive system, usually one that utilizes sampling with gold-amalgamation, is recommended.

Solid matter
(MA-3000, RA-4300 *certain applications*) Mercury contained in soil, animals, plants, food products, household goods, and industrial material are constantly being analyzed for mercury. In recent years, industry standards have tightened control over raw materials and production methods. By implementing new procedures and taking precautionary steps, an overall reduction of mercury being released into the environment can take place. Many of the matrices that are being analyzed are difficult to handle in the typical wet-reduction methods. Therefore, more and more parties are changing to a thermal decomposition method.