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EMP-2 Mercury Analyzer Portable/Handheld Mercury Meter

Out line

The Mercury pollution exposure is still an occupational hazard for people in many industries where mercury can be found in the environmental around us in workplace areas such as the oil & gas processing and production , gold mining, Dental amalgams, fluorescent lamp production and etc. It is important to monitor and measure the mercury level in order to ensure SAFE workplace environment. The EMP 2 is developed to provide on-site REAL-TIME monitor in various; - Industrial/worker safety and hygiene surveying

- Facility workplace monitor

- On site water analysis

- Liquefied Gas (LPG/LNG)/Natural Gas analysis

- Stack emission monitoring

Sample : Elemental vapor phase mercury
Measuring method : Real-time suction flow method
Detection method : Cold-vapor atomic absorption spectrometry
Measuring range : Model EMP 2 range 0.1-1,000

Model EMP 2 H range 0.01-9.99 mg/m3
Monitor :Color Data/Touch screen display
Power source : Rechargeable battery