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Electron Microscopes (SEM/TEM/STEM)

A wide array of advanced electron microscopes, including Standard and Variable-Pressure Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM & VP-SEM), Field-Emission Scanning Electron Microscopes (FE-SEM), Biological and Analytical Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM), Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopes (STEM), and Tabletop Microscopes

(Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopes)

With the adoption of high brightness FE electron source, FE-SEM can more highly focus electron beam than conventional SEM employing thermionic electron source, and hence can obtain higher resolution. It also provides rather clear images even at low accelerating voltage to allow observation of microstructure on sample surface. Various combinations of electron source and lens type are available based on sample and application.

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(Scanning Electron Microscopes)

Conventional SEM employs thermionic electron source (tungsten filament) and can accommodate relatively large sample. Using low vacuum mode, non-conductive sample, outgassing sample, and sample containing a little water or oil can be observed without metal coating. Broad-ranging lineup from compact type to large chamber model is available based on sample size and application.

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Tabletop Microscopes

Tabletop microscope offers an immediate micro world experience for everyone with the convenience of light microscope. With low vacuum imaging capability, even non-conductive samples can be promptly observed without metal coating. 

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(Transmission Electron Microscopes)

There are several TEM/STEMs of different accelerating voltages and proper model is used based on the sample composition. 300kV/200kV models with superior resolution and penetrating power are used for inorganic materials such as metals and ceramics while 120kV model with higher contrast is used for polymers and biological tissues. When advanced analytical performances such as nano area analysis and atomic-resolution analysis are required, FE electron source and spherical aberration corrector are powerful options.

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Nano-probing System

Nano-probing system is SEM-based probing system optimized for electrical characterization and Electron Beam Absorbed Current (EBAC) analysis of semiconductor devices. High resolution SEM with high-brightness FE electron source enables intuitive operation and precise control of the probes.

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AMICS Software (MLA)

AMICS (The Advanced Mineral Identification and Characterization System) is a software package for automated identification and quantification of minerals and synthetic phases. It enables Bruker's QUANTAX EDS on Hitachi SEM to become a fully automated Mineral Liberation Analyzer (MLA).

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