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Filtration Solutions

ADVANTEC Group is the first manufacturer of filter paper for laboratory use in Japan since 1916 and is the only manufacturer in Japan that produces all types of filtration media and filtration systems ranging from laboratory to industrial use.

Membrane Filter

Advantec membranes are produced by three different processes. Mixed Cellulose Esters and Cellulose Acetate, are reverse phase solvent cast membranes, where controlled evaporation or removal of the complex solvent system forms the porous structure. Both hydrophilic and hydrophobic PTFE are made by a patented process where the membranes are stretched biaxially to form the porous structure. Polycarbonate membranes are track etched.

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Microbiology Supplies

Applications include microbiological analysis of water, wastewater, pharmaceuticals and beverages
• Made from Mixed Cellulose Esters (MCE) or Cellulose Acetate
• Available with grid lines
• Convenient packaging
• Specially tested for microbiology
• Membrane certification

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Laboratory Filter Papers

• Qualitative filter papers
• Quantitative/hardened filter papers
• Chromatography papers
• Extraction thimbles
• Glass fiber filters
• Quartz fiber filters
• Composite filters
• PTFE filters

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Specialty Products

• Paper Discs
• Milk sediment discs
• Blood sampling paper (Nobuto filters)
• Phase separating filters
• Disposable ultrafilter units

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Test Paper

• pH Test paper-rolls
• pH Test paper-booklets
• pH Test paper-strips
• Litmus paper-booklets
• Ion test papers
• Chlorine test papers

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Industrial Filter Papers & Pads

• Standard Filter Papers
• Fine Particle Filter Papers
• Creped Filter Papers
• Wet Strength Filter Papers
• High Purity Filter Papers
• High Viscosity Fluid Filter Papers
• Industrial Filter Pads
• NA Standard Filter Pads
• NA Long-Life Filter Pads
• Activated Carbon Filter Pads
• Cellulose Filter Pads for Support and Purification

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Capsules and Cartridges

• All-polypropylene housing is sturdy and chemically compatible
• Three membrane-type media and two depth-type media
• Wide range of retentive pore sizes
• All types available in three different lengths
• Diameter is a standard 78 mm
• Selected media available pre-sterilized by ethylene oxide (EtO)
• Available in a wide variety of media and end fixture configurations
• Media can be mixed and configured in serial format to maximize throughput volumes, flow rates, and cartridge life
• Fit many commercially available filter housings

Vacuum Filtration

Advantec supplies a wide range of vacuum filter holders and accessories. Select from glass, polysulfone, or stainless steel assemblies with funnels holding from 22 to 1,100 mL.

Pressure Filtration

Pressure type filter holders can be used for ultracleaning or sterilizing liquids and gases. Advantec holders have been designed to maximize flow rates and to minimize holder resistance and can be used in either batch or continuous filtration procedures.

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