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Premium Gas Generators

LNI Swissgas supplies premium gas generators for specific analytical, laser, industrial and environmental needs: Hydrogen, Zero Air, Nitrogen and combined gas generators. They offer continuous and on-demand source of Hydrogen, Zero Air or Nitrogen to the application. Our products are designed and built exploiting the know-how and skills acquired over more than 30 years’ operating in the sector.
All of our generators are equipped with internal diagnostic systems and are designed for two-way remote control to facilitate maintenance and service. Our generators are designed with a green aspect to reduce at most energy consumption.


Hydrogen generators

Equipped with PEM technology, flow-rates from 100 cc/min to 3300 cc/min and pressure up to 16 bars, with very high purity. High efficiency self-regenerating dryers operating at constant temperature reduce maintenance costs and ensure constant hydrogen purity. High reliability guaranteed by exclusive and patented solutions (e.g. electronic GLS).

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Zero air generators

Zero air generators completely remove hydrocarbons, CO2, NOx and H20 from the air stream. This avoids the need to use inconvenient air cylinders, which are hazardous for laboratory operations.

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Nitrogen generators

Highly versatile, with PSA or membrane technology, these generators are suitable for several analytical applications, ranging from laboratory (gas chromatography, liquid mass spectrometry) to industries. Complete range of solutions: from 500 cc/min to 120 l/min. The Ultra High purity range produce laboratory high grade nitrogen for most of the laboratory applications and equipments. Designed with safety and convenience in mind, this system generates purified nitrogen, eliminating the need for inconvenient cumbersome high-pressure gas cylinders

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