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The perfect gas chromatograph (GC) for many applications without compromise on functionality and performance.

436 Gas Chromatograph

The perfect gas chromatograph for many applications that saves space without compromise on functionality and performance. Capacity for 2 injectors, 1 GC detector plus a mass spectrometer makes the SCION 436 a perfect match for your analyses. A 9 inch touchpad provides direct access to all GC functions and basic tuning. The 456-GC allows for pushing productivity, without compromising on data quality. At the same time, we in SCION are going every extra mile to make your GC experience as efficient and easy as possible.

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The SCION (SQ) GC-MS is designed for today’s fast paced analytical laboratory. Innovative design features such as a Lens-Free ion path, heated ion optics and an Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) detector enable the SCION SQ to deliver accurate quantification and identification on a routine basis, even in complex matrices. As ions pass through a mass spectrometer a significant portion is lost every time they encounter a lens. Due to its unique design the SCION SQ doesn’t have any lenses thus increasing the sensitivity of the instrument by reducing ion losses. Another major advantage of having no lenses the source is the only part to clean, so you can spend more time analysing samples and less time maintaining your instrument. The SQ is integrated with our SCION 436 or 456 GC as sole or as additional detector.

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