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Sample Preparation

For 58 years, LAM PLAN teams have been designing and providing equipment and preparations guaranteeing its customers performance, quality and productivity.


Metallographically cutting off the part allows not only sampling the material, but also observing the material’s structure at a specific spot.

The preparation of metallographic samples requires a precision cutting off in a wide variety of materials. A good lubrication is necessary to cool the cutting  wheel and prevent the burning of the parts. In addition, the environment of a metallography laboratory imposes cleanliness and safety criteria to which your cut-off equipment must comply.

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Embedding allows limiting edge stresses during the polishing step. This operation will also allow you:

-In manual polishing: to facilitate the holding of the sample
-In automatic polishing: to place several samples together in a sample holder under optimum tightening conditions

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Prepolishing & polishing

Grinding and prepolishing are crucial steps in the preparation of a metallographic sample. It is the quality of these steps which will condition and optimize the rest of the process. At the end of the prepolishing step, the sample’s aspect must be uniform and regular without any alteration of the inherent flatness or the material.
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